Thursday, December 8, 2011

Violet Bouquet

It’s a brand new day.  Last night I attempted to study for my French final, but instead once I calculated that I needed an 81 in order to keep my A in the class, my study habits deteriorated.  But here I am.  However many hours later, and I’m done.  And I’m 90% sure it was really easy.  On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I was .23% away from getting a B+ in Econ this quarter.  Isn’t that annoying?

I’ve decided to walk without the brace from now on.  If anything, it really just annoys me, and people look at me funny.  So I’m over it.  But now that finals and school is over, (and I’m still not home) I have little to distract me from my knee.  As much as I hate school work and studying, it keeps me productive when I don’t feel like I can sleep or I don’t want to go to bed.  But I’m hoping once I go home, that’ll get better.  I really, really can’t wait. 

Also forgot to mention the best part about yesterday.  My sister, Samantha, texted me asking if there was anything she could do for me.  Immdeiately I thought of Woodstock’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Most delicious thing ever.  She called from San Jose, ordered it and had it paid for and delivered.  Thanks S.  It served as dinner last night, a midnight snack for my roommate, Maddy, breakfast this morning, and there’s STILL leftovers.  Dinner tonight?  Probably.

Anyways, headed to practice soon.  Things will look up.

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I sure hope you like the view.
One day time will make some sense of you…

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