Sunday, March 25, 2012

MPSF Championships!

Wow.  This is a seriously overdue blog post, but once I got to this point in the season, and waited so long to update, I figured I might as well wait until conference, which was today!  The 2012 season had it’s ups and downs, and to say we were plagued with injuries is probably an understatement.  We had a fair share of season ending (or pre-season ending) injures, as well as serious “bumps and bruises” that either led to more serious things, or forced people to train and compete through pain.  And while it took us awhile to hit our stride, we eventually figured it out.  Starting at the meet at Sac State on March 11th, we started on bars, and for the first time all season, we hit all 6 routines.  Then we went to beam, and again, for the first time all season, we hit 6 for 6.  Before we knew it, we were on floor, hitting all our routines, then finishing on vault, with SIX STICKS.  It was incredible.  Just thinking about that moment, I got chills because we were on fire.  But it wasn’t like we were doing any out of body gymnastics, we were just doing exactly what we were capable of.  It was pretty cool.

Then the next week, we went to San Jose State, and had another stellar meet.  Hitting 23 of our 24 routines, we hit a season high 194.15.  It had been a long season, and a long preparation up to this point, but we were definitely peaking at the right time.  With the next meet being MPSF Conference Championships, and all 4 teams (U of Alaska Anchorage, Air Force Academy, Seattle Pacific, UCD) peaking at the right time of the season, the meet was going to be very competitive.  Throwing a wrench in the situation, because UC Davis was on the quarter system, we also had a week of finals leading up to the meet today.  Most of us finished our tests Friday, but Maddy had her last one this morning.  After a week of tests, studying, and as much gymnastics as possible, we were sleep deprived and still pushing through pains and injuries.  Nevertheless, I witnessed firsthand (again) that I am on a team of the toughest people in the world.  I was so proud of them and what they accomplished!  They are fighters, they are strong, they are committed, and they did not and will not give up.   And because of all that, they/ we are the 2012 Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Conference Champions!  You guys are the best and congratulations! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucky Number Seven (Weeks)

Today in rehab, one of the head trainers asked me how far out of surgery I was… “Two and a half months?” she asked.  To be honest, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.  I wish.  Haha two more days, and I’ll be seven weeks!  Wow, I really thought I was only six.  Look at that. Time’s flying.  Not really.  Still, it was encouraging to know that even to the ATCs, I’m looking like I’m doing well. 

Anyways last week, I asked my trainer a question, even though I knew she was going to get mad at me for even bringing up.  (But technically, I gave her a warning, saying she wasn’t allowed to be mad.)  I flat out asked her when I could starting swinging bars.  She kind of rolled her eyes, but I really wasn’t expecting the answer she gave me.  Four months (from January 20th, not from now).  I’m pretty sure I’ll be running before I can do a giant on the bar.  I guess I just keep forgetting that this is a twelve month process.  And while I’m on the “fast track,” the idea of this comeback taking the full twelve months scares me just a little more than I’m comfortable admitting.