Friday, May 18, 2012


It has almost been a full month, since I’ve last posted.  And I partly blame my whirlwind of school work.  Projects, midterms, papers, I feel like I’ve had them all lately.  But for the first time in probably two or three weeks, I finally have a chance to breathe.

But another reason why I haven’t blogged in awhile is probably because, to be honest, not much has happened in terms of my “comeback.”  Time has passed, but I kind of feel like that’s about it.  Technically I guess that’s something.  And poof, I think it hit me today that next week, I will reach my four month milestone.  Seems crazy—I feel like I just got hurt last week.  But on the bright side, four months feels big.

In terms of gymnastics and my physical progress, it’s been pretty stagnant.  (Other than me running a decent-ish amount.)  Every time I ask my trainer about what’s next for me, when I can start doing bars, etc., I usually got disappointed.  I kept needing more time, more strength.  But now.  I’m almost at 4 months.  And I can’t wait to start swinging again.  It’s been too long.  And I think they miss me too.