Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucky Number Seven (Weeks)

Today in rehab, one of the head trainers asked me how far out of surgery I was… “Two and a half months?” she asked.  To be honest, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.  I wish.  Haha two more days, and I’ll be seven weeks!  Wow, I really thought I was only six.  Look at that. Time’s flying.  Not really.  Still, it was encouraging to know that even to the ATCs, I’m looking like I’m doing well. 

Anyways last week, I asked my trainer a question, even though I knew she was going to get mad at me for even bringing up.  (But technically, I gave her a warning, saying she wasn’t allowed to be mad.)  I flat out asked her when I could starting swinging bars.  She kind of rolled her eyes, but I really wasn’t expecting the answer she gave me.  Four months (from January 20th, not from now).  I’m pretty sure I’ll be running before I can do a giant on the bar.  I guess I just keep forgetting that this is a twelve month process.  And while I’m on the “fast track,” the idea of this comeback taking the full twelve months scares me just a little more than I’m comfortable admitting.

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