Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Finally.  This is my mood.  And to be honest, these last couple weeks have been kind of crazy.  Metaphorically, they’ve been a roller coaster.   Not to mention, I think my roommates would really appreciate the reference.  I guess this is my shout out to them, because I miss them.

I hinted at it before, but being home at first, was a little weird.  I kept telling myself it was because no one was home yet, and I was still stuck in a wait-and-see period.  Nevertheless, now I’m not. J  I have officially received the approval from my old surgeon in North Carolina, and I’ve been approved by the team doctor in Davis and both of the team surgeons!  All of them are pretty much saying, that there’s no way that I’ll know if the brace is going to protect my knee enough until I just start trying bars.  Finally hearing that and being able to swing some bars, made my day yesterday!  Which is hard to do because I got to go shopping with my dad, and learned a new pen twirling trick… so it was a pretty good day.

People may still call me crazy, but after long talks with my parents, old coaches, and a few of my friends, I’ve decided that this is really what I want.  The doctor said, I’ll be able to tell if the brace isn’t working, so I’ll know if I am actually damaging my meniscus.  It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision.  If the brace can’t keep my knee stable enough for a bar routine, I’ll get the surgery.  But at least I will have tried and won’t have to wonder, “What if?”  Twelve weeks: that’s really all I’m asking for.  After season, I’ll get the surgery right away and go back to having a fixed knee.

Back to being home—now that I’ve been able to catch up with coaches and a few old teammates, I’m glad to be home.  I’ve missed them.  And now that I have a plan (and I’m not waiting to hear from doctors anymore), I’m free to just enjoy my Christmas break. 

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