Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MRI and 2 Finals. 3 Tests to Pass.

With one final out of the way, I technically feel productive enough to update the blog.  And update anyone who’s reading it I guess.

First of all, I am surrounded by people who not only love me and care about me, but they believe in me.  And that means more than I can explain.  They believe I’ll come back, they believe I’m strong enough, they believe I’ll keep fighting, they believe I’ll stay positive, and they believe I can handle whatever is thrown my way.  On the other hand, that is a lot to live up to.  People have expectations of me, and they compare my current situation to the similar ones from my past.  But a girl can only take so much before she gets too discouraged.  Just saying.

Today’s the MRI.  To say I’m nervous is a little bit of an understatement, but I’m encouraged by the fact that I have so many friends, family members and teammates all praying for me all day.  And I tell myself that I knowing what’s wrong is better than this waiting period… But technically that’s not entirely true.  Obviously if my knee is worse case scenario, I’d rather not know at this point…

On a positive note, I don’t know what to think.  I still don’t think it’s torn.  It hurts—especially from walking and standing so much.  But I’ve made so much progress in these last couple days.  I can ride a stationary bike… fast enough to at least keep the machine on.  I did a lot of balancing and full range of motion exercises yesterday.  (Again, it hurt, but it’s still impressive.)  And since yesterday alone, I think the swelling has gone down.  That seems important.

Anyways, with another final tonight, I should go back to studying.  But those are my thoughts.  Still relatively positive for now, and hanging in there.  And importantly still praying, and appreciating all those who are also still thinking and praying for me today.

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