Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meanwhile, I Wait.

Yesterday was a pleasant distraction.  Because of our Blue and Gold Intraquad Meet today, we didn’t have practice (not that it’s completely required for me to go to it).  It may have been the first Friday all year that we had off.  Most of my teammates filled their day with copious amounts of studying and productivity, but I think I was only productive… I didn’t really study all that much.

Woke up in the morning, had my roommate, Kailyn, drive me to rehab, where I basically just iced and had my trainer try and push some of the swelling out of my knee.  Nothing to strenuous. Yet.  Fortunately, while I iced, I was able to study for the oral portion of my French final that was going to take place about 3 hours later.

After rehab, I went next door to Starbucks, where I attempted to study more.  But not with a whole lot of success.  I kept seeing people I knew, who said hi, and I would barely get through one page of vocabulaire.  Then the mother of all distraction walked in, and my friends Tre and Taryn joined me.  At that point, no studying was going to happen, so I was actually thankful for that.  After all, six years of French in middle school and high school, you’d think I’d be prepared for a simple French 2 oral exam.  Thirty minutes before my final, I started walking to my building that was clear on the other side of campus.

The exam really wasn’t too bad.  And I got a 90. I’m pleased.

With my free afternoon, I proceeded to completely finish and print my Design 16 final that isn’t due until Tuesday (bonus points?).  I guess that’s productive enough for the day.  Below is a picture because I'm super proud of it.

Best part of the day: I drove to Sacramento to visit my sister, Corey, and we went to Pizza Rock where we split the Apple and Gorgonzola salad and a New Yorker Pizza.  It was delicious.  And I would also like to point out that I’m simply not a picky eater anymore, and I’m super proud of that.  Plus I just like hanging out with Corey.

The rest of my night was spent attempting to study (with a brief intermission when Maddy and I split some Animal Fries from In n Out) because my knee hurt too much to try and go out.  Not to mention, I’m anticipating a lot of standing today at the meet.  I’m tough—I  think I can handle it.

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