Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring quarter. 11 weeks.

It’s the start of spring quarter.  The sun is shining.  New classes.  More free time.  You know what that means? Plenty of time for rehab!  Not actually, given my class schedule—but  I’ll make it work.

Still slowly making progress.  Today marks eleven weeks.  And I’m celebrating by playing hooky from class and hanging out with Samantha in San Jose.  (Technically the “hooky” is a reward for my interview last night.)  A weekend away from school and at least hanging out with family—it’s exactly what I need.  Spending my spring break at my roommate’s house in Long Beach was really nice, but at the same time it made me just home and my own family.  Hence, my weekend here in San Jose.

But back to my rehab.  Eleven weeks means it’s time for a new program.  Thanks, Missy.  One with additional exercises, and “cranked up cardio.”  Starting next week, I have three days of rehab and three days of 90 minute cardio.  (Leaving one day of rest.)  My trainer told me that if I try doing my rehab and extra cardio in the same day, I’ll probably end up over training.  So my goal is to find a good balance between getting stronger, but not overdoing it.  And my scars are already stretching.  Gross.

My most immediate goal is full range of motion.  I have good extension, but it doesn’t quite bend all the way.  Comfortably, at least.  But cranking up these exercises is only making me realize that I’m significantly weaker than I thought.  I’ve lost muscle in my thighs, my calves, and my butt… but I’ve also lost strength in my arms.  I think I’m just faced with the fact that this is a long road back.  And unfortunately, it’s going to be longer and even tougher than I originally anticipated.  I always figured that since I’ve done this before, I can do it again.  No problem.  But circumstances are different here, and I know now with 100% certainty that this won’t be easy.

One day at a time.  Staying strong, and I’ll just keep hanging in there. 

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  1. For a second I confused the name "Missy" with "Kathy Khaler," who is the instructor on the workout vid I referenced today. (Purchased at Target in the Dollar section. Great buy. Only used it five times but still got my money's worth.)