Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Honor Of National Sibling Day on 4/10/12

Last weekend was the first weekend of Spring quarter. But it was also Easter weekend!  And because I had a job interview in San Jose on Thursday night, I figured I might as well spend the night Thursday, skip my class Friday, hang out with Samantha… and then play it by ear.  Especially because I was desperate for some (of my own) family time, and I figured, “What better time than Easter?”  I told Kailyn when I left Thursday afternoon, that I had no idea when I’d be back.  Maybe Friday, maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday… it would be a surprise!

Starting with the group interview on Thursday night, I was about an hour early because traffic was non-existent.  Better safe than sorry.  I was applying for a Teaching Assistant for the GalileoSummer program in the Bay Area, and the interview was a fairly relaxed group environment.  Personally, I thought I did pretty well, but I found out this past week that they’re no longer considering me for any position.  I’m bummed.  I was really looking forward to the job and potentially living with Samantha this summer.  But back to last weekend.

Post-interview, Thursday night was spent catching up with my sister and watching Law and Order: SVU. And going to bed before 11 o’clock for probably the first time in weeks.  Because S had to work Friday, I spent the majority of my day reading my Economics book, watching Hunger Games interviews (etc.), attempting to rehab my knee, and doing laundry. 

Dinner: On the Border, courtesy of Samantha via Mom and Dad! Thanks, it was delicious, and I actually tried something new!

After dinner, I showed Samantha the two “Call Me Maybe” music videos: the official one, and the Justin Bieber/ Selena Gomez one.  We decided that we would reenact it, and make our own.  It was so much fun.  But know that Peeps are disgusting.  I cut out the parts of the video where Samantha and I made that very clear.  Enjoy J. It’s pretty entertaining—maybe one day it’ll be a viral hit. I’m kind of hoping not…

-U-Jam Fitness: where I learned that I’m super uncoordinated.  But eventually, I kind of figured it out.
-Road trip to Sacramento
-Hunger games (again) with C, S, and Ben.
-Burgers and Brew. Bacon cheeseburger!
-More Law and Order.  And my sisters falling asleep before 11 o’clock.

I decided to stay in Sacramento that night, so I could spend Easter brunch with my sisters.  It was one of the best decisions I made all weekend.  I missed them both and hanging out with them was exactly what I needed.

As for the job search, I’m taking an unofficial vote.  If you want me in California, and hear of a potential job, let me know!  Likewise, if you vote I go back to North Carolina for the summer, and hear of a potential job, let me know as well!


  1. California, duh. Don't you want some more music video weekends???

  2. California. I have an Avett Bros ticket calling your name...