Sunday, April 22, 2012


So this blog post is seriously overdue.  But oh well!  Lately, my sister, Samantha, has tried out this new thing called, “working out.”  For her opinion on the situation, check this out.

A couple weekends ago, when I went to go see my sister, she was telling me how sore she was from working out.  She told me this multiple times, and she believed that she was never going to stop being sore.  It was just going to last forever.  Me being the encouraging sister that I am, I just kind of rolled my eyes and kept saying that eventually it’ll go away.

Little did I know what I was going to be experiencing the following week.  When I got back to Davis, I started my new rehab program for my knee.  I was breaking a pretty gross sweat doing these exercises and could barely make it through all of my exercises in less than two hours.  Then for the next four or five days, my whole body from the waist down was so sore.  I didn’t want to move in the morning, and I couldn’t even stand flat footed because it hurt my calves too much.  I knew how Samantha must’ve felt.  But sure enough, I eventually stopped being so sore.  At the time, I believed I was just going to be sore for the rest of my life—but it did go away.  So Samantha, if you’re still sore, I’m sorry it’s lasting so long.  But I still believe that eventually you will stop feeling sore!

Also, in terms of my knee’s recovery, I have officially passed the three month mark.  And I finally see my doctor tomorrow for a check-up!  Fingers crossed, I may be able to up my activity soon.

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