Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good News; Bad News

Officially, one final is done.  Check.  In 12 hours, my next final is due, but technically I already finished it!  The good news is I’m very happy with this project, and I’m even happier that I didn’t finish it at some ungodly hour. Check it out here :) 

In about 45 hours, I have my final assignment of the week due—a paper for Art History.  I’ve only written about a page, but for the first time all week, I realize that I actually have more time than I thought.  I think I may be relaxed?  For that, I thank all my decent time managing, and definitely all the prayer.  I was significantly more stressed  out at the beginning of this week, and I’m happy to say that I’m more relaxed now.  Maybe I can handle all this work after all…

In general, gymnastics gets put on the backburner a little bit during finals week(s).  I’m still trying to do my best right now, to keep up with at least a little exercise and rehab, but at the present, I can’t seem to find a good block of time.  Not to mention, every time I even think about working out, my knee starts hurting.  As soon as all  this is over, I’ll get on a new schedule, and see what I can figure out.

Missy wanted me to see my doctor one last time before I went home for the summer, so I saw Dr. Lee on Monday afternoon.  I was expecting it to be a standard, fairly uneventful check up, but unfortunately it was a little bit more discouraging than I was prepared for.  When I talked to my coach about my summer plans the week before, he became about the third person to tell me that I need to be cautious.  Everyone is forcing me to approach this comeback very slowly, and everyone (including myself) is afraid of what might happen if I comeback to gymnastics just a little too quickly.  More than I want to be back in the sport, competing, etc.—I don’t want to go through this again.  I don’t want to get hurt.  John warned me that when I come back in September, I’ll be gymnastic-ally behind everyone else.  He told me this so that I could be mentally prepared, and so that I knew that know one would be disappointed in me.  But then when I talked to Dr. Lee, she told me that she would prefer my bars workouts stay as they are now—practically nothing—until late September.  Basically, I can’t do anything that even has the possibility of me falling… my knee just wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of impact. 

I’m pretty disappointed.  I was prepared to be behind everyone come September; but the thing is, I wasn’t prepared to be THAT far behind… I wasn’t prepared to be still doing practically nothing.

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