Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Proud Aggie

After the less-than-satisfactory meet at Cal in the beginning of February, we all felt the kick in the butt.  We knew it wasn’t our best meet.  The overall energy was low, and even some of the audience members noticed something was up.  What that was, we weren’t exactly sure.  Nevertheless, we knew we were capable of so much more.

The next week of training was a real testament to our character.  All week, I noticed the team was fired up, ready to turn the season around, and ready to do what they (we) were capable of.

So Friday came, and it was extremely helpful that we were at home.  Sac State was our main competition, but they’ve been really good this year, so we knew it’d be tough.  Oregon State, ranked #9 in the nation, was coming too, but they were going to be a little out of our league.  Let’s be honest.  Ha, we were just trying to be realistic.

Personally, I thought our goal should be to try and keep up with Sac State’s scores, and make sure that we were the loudest team in that gym.  I figured Oregon State would be very loud, but there was no way they were going to out cheer us in our gym.  No way.

Friday night’s meet was so much fun.  Even from the sidelines.  I couldn’t help but be happy for every one of my teammates, because they all did something they should be proud of.  In the end, we got 3rd, but Sac State only beat us by around four tenths.  Andd we improved our season high by over 2 points.

The best part was that Friday’s routines weren’t super human for anyone.  They just did everything they did in practice and showed everyone (including themselves) what they were truly capable of.  

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